Soniphi Vitality analyzes and tracks the biometric health markers in your voice to provide personalized support for your health and wellness


How It Works

  • Talk into your mobile device for 30 seconds.
  • Your voice sample is uploaded and processed on our secure servers.
  • Our proprietary algorithm analyzes the unique frequencies of your voice and provides an instant report, giving you valuable insight into your functional health systems.
  • It then offers personalized recommendations and frequency resolution designed to help balance the body’s innate healing functions.

The Science

nervous system.jpg

Voice Analysis

  • The vocal cords are hardwired to the brain via the Vagus nerve, which is connected to the entire parasympathetic nervous system

  • The voice carries all the impulses and frequencies contained within the body

  • Soniphi Vitality App decodes it by spectral analysis and unique algorithms.


Frequency Resolution

  • Science has proven that biological organisms are directly affected by frequencies of light, sound and energy

  • Sunlight activates Vitamin D and x-rays can cause cellular damage

  • Specific sound frequencies can calm nervous system

  • New science shows that sound and light frequencies  can also activate your body’s natural healing systems

Your Vitality Score

The Soniphi Vitality app uses proprietary technology to analyze the unique frequencies of your voice to measure and track the following wellness categories:



The digestive system provides nutrients for your body to use for energy, focus, growth and cell repair. Learn how to improve your digestion.



Water makes up 70% of your body. When water and minerals are depleted, muscle aches, fatigue and thinking can be affected. Take the guesswork out of staying hydrated.



How we respond to stress impacts our wellbeing and inner balance. Learn what nutrients, bio-chemicals, and neuro-hormones will support you the most.



Vitamins, minerals, bio-chemicals, hormones and pathogens affect your energy. Get detailed recommendations unique to you.



Take the guesswork out of training. Avoid injury and keep your muscles as strong as possible with before and after exercise reports.



Sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, immune function, and rejuvenation. Find out what you need to insure deep, restful sleep.


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